We Can Transport Your New Horse


We deliver horses locally and to long distance customers.  Our delivery staff is made up of experienced horse handlers, not merely truck and trailer operators.  They have a vested interest in delivering our customers' horses safely and in completely sound, uninjured condition.  

We are teamed with Len Ritchey, owner of Cavallo Carriage, who makes most of our long distance deliveries. 

Walking After Midnight horses traveling long distances are rarely on board more than ten hours before having extended off-trailer rest stops at farms owned by Len’s personal friends, clients, or associates.  Len has more than a half million miles behind him getting horses coast-to-coast, border-to-border, and to parts of Canada. 

He and his family owned LETS GO FIRST CLASS, a magnificent American Quarter Horse breeding sire and two-time reserve national champion stallion, till his untimely death in an arson fire.

Len is author of TRAVELS WITH HORSES, a collection of anecdotal stories recounting his experiences getting horses from one barn to another and from horse lover to horse lover.  TRAVELS WITH HORSES includes several chapters written by Len’s clients and friends. 

Our transport service requires no advance deposits.  Our aim is delivery of calm, healthy horses familiar with traveling and trained to respond safely during boarding and leaving trailers. 



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