Trail Rides at Walking After Midnight Farm (formerly Bailey's Black Widow Farm)

We provide a unique trail riding experience at our farm, beginning with an evaluation of each rider’s ability. We match the trail rider with a horse that is appropriate for their riding level and yes we use those "broke for your Grandma" horses for these rides.

We sell pleasure riding. This means we want you to feel safe and confidant. Once the riders are in the saddle we provide a mini lesson before we go down the trail. Our rides are guided by our experienced staff.

Our trails include the quiet country road we live off of, creeks, hills, woods, and a 3 legged dog and a big oak tree .... (I'll explain - call me).

We can accommodate up to 6 riders for trail rides.

We are also enjoying success with Birthday Party riding lessons/trail rides. We can accommodate 8 riders for this activity.

We are really lucky to have the help of Don Twigg and Sharon Raynor to help with these trail rides. They have lots of experience keeping riders in controlled situations on horse back. Having horses that are gentle, sane and smooth helps too!


Friends don't let friends ride horses that trot.


Trail riding is what I love to do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing it with you. Melissa Bailey


" The Bailey’s reputation for raising top quality trail riding horses and providing high-touch customer care draws clients from all over the country."



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