Lessons make great gifts! For ages 5 yrs up to ????

Jordan is 5 yrs old in this photo and this was an actual lesson.  Suzanne is 3 yrs old and is holding BadCat. She rode for a 1/2 hour at the end of a lead line with her sister, pictured below. 

Elise is riding our Sunny Bunny with the assistance of Ryan, our "horse therapist".  :) 

Lessons for 9 years old and above $45.00

Prepay 5 – 9 lessons $40.00

Prepay 10 or more lessons $35.00

½ Hour lessons for 8 years old and under $35.00

Prepay 5 – 9 lessons $30.00

Prepay 10 or more lessons $25.00

We provide lessons for children 5 yrs and up. Lots of our students are over 60 years old too!

We create an enjoyable experience with a horse, whether it is a lesson in the riding ring or a lesson on the trail. Our lessons stress safety and control over your horse. Our instructor Sharon Raynor has experience teaching children and grownups how to ride since 1989.

We are also enjoying success with Birthday Party riding lessons/trail rides. We can accommodate 8 horses for this activity.

Call Melissa Bailey at (540)303-0569 or Sharon Raynor at (540)858-3144hm / (540)336-4070cell for more info and to schedule a lesson.



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