Horses Sold - Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses!

I've sold 55 horses to date (Oct. 31, 2010) so far in this year. This is my most successful year to date. THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers/friends. THANK YOU.

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Ellen and Cookie on the Country Road

This is a note from Ellen Oct. 21, 2010, in New Hampshire who bought Cookie, a TWHBEA mare "extraordinaire".

Hi Melissa
We really had such a good time (albeit a l-o-o-ong drive but def worth it)...Don, Christy, Dave and Sharon made us feel SO comfortable and once again....we truly appreciated your hospitality.  (I missed Theodore (a barn cat), in my room~~
When I left the first time, after buying her, I have to admit that I questioned myself...did I make the right decision; did I get caught up in your farm, relationship w/ you, the newness of a gaited horse etc?.  But coming back the second time, it was great to take her out on 2 trail rides, both morning and afternoon.  It was just the right fit!
So, Cookie has been here 2 weeks today. 
I've trailered her 4 different places to ride w/ friends and she has been wonderful! She's excellent on the ground~~ must have had some long lining training and ground driving as she is unfazed w/ both. Most days, I've just played w/ her~~ round penned, clipped,  etc. I laugh out loud (no kidding) when I ride her, because she's just SO smooth ~~ esp compared to my 17.2 H draft cross.   We're becoming more comfortable each time out ~~ love the fact that she is so forward moving; confident and doesn't hesitate once I ask her to do something. 
That brings you up to date..   I like checking out your site...esp u-tube as I can visualize the area, bridge, creek... Hope all is well with you- Ellen


Yes we've got a 6 month old filly for sale that looks just like him.... Princess Sugar Plum $4250
Worlds Largest Spotted Saddle Horse
Saint - born July 2008 - son of our 17h 1500lb Stallion, The Right Hand Man, (Andy) standing at Stud at Walking-After-Midnight Farm. Call Melissa for more colts for sale. (540)303-0569
John says for Saint to be just a baby with very little worldly experience he is already a better horse than many people ever ride.
excerpted from message (Jan. 2011)
Update on Saint. He has continued to mature into a real gentleman and you can't believe how majestic he looks with his new muscles and that long mane and tail.

His easy gaits are smooth and he's gone from good to excellent in riding around our boarding facility here at the beach, he's calm and laid back still.

Right now I am working with all of the horses, especially Saint, using a training system from Eric Bravo, similar to Pirelli but more practical for riding trail horses.

We think that Saint is around 17 hh now but the biggest difference is his weight and muscle gain. Melissa, we have been so fascinated and in love with Saint, more each week even. Its amazing to watch his potential begin to unfold. His mind is really maturing as well, although his is still playful and every bit a big kid.

Saint went on his very first road trip/trail ride and he has had a blast.  We can see a tremendous change in his maturity just from September.

My father finally saw Saint and was blown away by his size and gentleness. He watched me tack up Saint in an open field, untied, just standing patiently, which kind of epitomizes this horse. We also gaited him up the fenceline a couple of runs to show him off and Saint was silky smooth.

Melissa, all I thought of after my first big trail ride on Saint yesterday was regret over having gelded him. I believe this horse is something special, not just because he's big. We have had no motor issues, he moves out however you ask and holds his gait. To be just a baby with very little worldly experience he is already a better horse than many people ever ride. He is awesome.

My stepdaughter is taking Saint out for a trail ride today. Samantha has ridden Saint since we got him and is almost bubbly when she rides him! As Bud Tucker (one of our Tennessee Horse Trainers (931)334-1987 ) told me, Saint is the kind of horse little girls fall in love with.

This is note from our new friend John Dean of Kitty Hawk, NC on Oct.11, 2010. He has purchased 3 horses from us last spring. (I give discounts for multiple purchases!). Melissa B.

"As much as you are tired of hearing about our horses and satisfaction level, you have to understand how amazed we are at your horse picking. We got three from you and those three are beautiful, happy and healthy. Now we can travel with them and do things we never dreamed of. Somewhere in my emails I am hoping to create inspiration to keep doing what you are doing so more and more people can have a safe place to buy good horses.

I am scared to show you pics of Clint tacked in english gear - you will want to charge me more money. He is ripped with muscles and Patty swears I stole him off the carousel.

John Dean, Broker in Charge



Tina bought Ginger a Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitor's Assoc. mare from Walking-After-Midnight Farm

Tina bought Ginger from us 2 yrs ago, and periodically comes back to our farm with her daughter Morgan and our good friend Bill Smith and his son Andy to ride on our trails. Here is Tina and one of my most favorite mares EVER, "Ginger". Ginger is so cool looking with this inside out blaze. I just love her. What a fun ride. Morgan (age 8) uses her for lessons too.

Bill Smith and Morgan with her racking pony.

This is a message from Sharyn in Chesapeake, Va who bought Babe from us a month ago. We are now Facebook friends and I am delighted that Babe has such a worthy home. Sharyn is living the life of all our dreams I think. To have a horse come up to my front door to look for carrots....

This makes me so happy. I just can't tell you how much it means to me that my horses can find a home for life with love and carrots?

Thank you to the many many people who have bought our horses. Thanks for the laughing, and the questions, and the late night talks while walking through our pastures. Thanks for the cards and the photos. This is an amazing life. Thank you.

Melissa B.

Babe was a mare we rented to novice riders - she looks to take care of her rider.

Subject: I love Babe
June 16, 2010

Last weekend, I returned to the site of my horrific accident with my other horse. With Babe beneath me, my confidence returned. I will never be able to mount a horse unassisted, but I can now ride without fear. Babe side passes down the extremely steep hills. She is supple and bends around the turns. She listens to my every word and truly takes care of me. She is a horse truly capable of using both sides of her brain. Thank you for giving me back my joy of trail riding! Babe follows me around the yard and knows where I keep the treats. Having the house in the middle of the pasture is awesome. I can see her anytime I want. She has figured out the wheelchair ramp and loves to look in the kitchen door. Another strong hint for the carrots in the refrigerator, lol! I hope I get the chance to trail ride with you in the future.

Once again, thanks for matching me with my best friend!

Sharyn H.

James and Mary bought Chalvez Jan. 2011. We are looking forward to hearing about Chalvez's adventures as he bonds with the Kaye Family and herd. THANK YOU James and Mary. We appreciate your trust and faith that our horses are the right fit for your life.

Stormy Lone Ranger is an example of the quality gaited horses of color we offer for sale. We want our horses going to homes for life - but it's easy to find great homes when you have quality Tennessee Walking Horses that gait effortlessly.

Gini and Stormy were love at first "gait". Thank you Gini for providing our boy with a loving home. We want to get those cards and letters for years to come!!

March 20, 2010

This is a happy picture! Alex and King Aurthur

Alex, Leliah and Todd of Charlottesville, Va have purchased one of the finest Black and White Tennessee Walking Horses we've ever produced. I think it's another match made in heaven!

I know there are no coincidences in this life. Just the right people are coming to my farm to find just the right horse.

March 27, 2010

This is a poem by Carlee Lawhorne, one of our Barn Bunnies, now growing into a most extraordinary and beautiful young woman, but who will always be, Our Barn Bunny (along with her Sister, Kylie!)

The Lawhorne family still holds the record as our best customers, AND they help us feed and care for all the animals on our farm. They have purchased 5 or is it 6 horses from us (starting in July 2005) ???

We love them very much and appreciate their friendship and SUPPORT through some very sad days here, but that was long ago, and are the reason for some of the very best days here at Walking-After-Midnight Farm.

I wanted to share Carlee's poem and express my gratitude for the Lawhorne Family.

Melissa and Charlie Bailey

When I ride I can constantly hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground,making that "clicky clacky" noise it never stops.

I can also hear the breathing and snorting of my horse as he begins to speed up or feel completly comfortable.  I always seem to feel the breeze,even on the hottest day of wind across my face,feeling high in the air I feel so strong knowing that I'm in control of this animal that is 9 or 10 times my size,but also a sense of vulunurabilt,knowing at any second I can get hurt.

Its all worth it though.I can see all the trees and animals that occasionally just to scare us. I can taste the ice cold drink I have after a long 2 hour ride. Then I anxiously wait for the next day I can ride again,feeling that happiness I get every single time... 

Carlee Lawhorne
March 2010


Thank you John Dean (and family). For purchasing Queenie and Clown, (who they have renamed "Clint"). (March 2010)

In an email 3 weeks after purchasing these horses John says:

"Clint is really doing great! Yesterday and today we had EUREKA moments together. His status just got elevated to "awesome."

Anyway, just one more thanks. Samantha, my stepdaughter, rode Queenie for the first time and was visibly thrilled (she's 14 so that takes a LOT). Both of these horses are too great to even decribe. I have been riding Queenie in a halter and lead rope and now we have Clint jumping, gaiting perfectly, cantering and picking up his feet no problem. You and your staff and horses get my highest recommendation! It would be very hard to be any happier than our whole family is with these guys."


Donna takes a lesson on Buddy

Mike takes a lesson from Gus

Mike and Donna Howell of Ohio purchased Buddy, Gus, Little Joe and Black Magic Jan. 6. 2010.

They are enjoying there horses!! THANK YOU!

Bob M. of Mechanicsburg, Pa and Big Joe - Jan. 1, 2010. We started 2010 year off right by bringing Bob M. into our farm and our hearts.

Bob and Big Joe are permanent borders here are our farm. This gives him access to Sharon and Don for Custom trail rides and riding lessons, and gives me more motivation to create Walking-After-Midnight day trips to some great off site trail riding spots. We are meeting some fun people!!!


Luther and Jan in Castle Valley, Utah

We love selling horses to scenic parts of the country (and world), this creates the opportunity to travel and visit our horses in far away places.

The friends we make selling horses are so special too. We really enjoyed meeting Jan (and her sister's fabulous handcrafted Jewelry - check out her web page ).

God works through people and the gratitude that I feel for placing horses in quality homes for life brings tears to my eyes, sometimes, late at night as I work on the web page and respond to emails.

Thank you Jan for coming all the way from Utah to give this wonderful boy the home he deserves. He sure is a fun ride.

Brenda and I will be out this summer to see you.


Big Red and Nick from NJ

We sure didn't keep this 17h sweetheart for long!  Nick and Red met and it was love at first "running walk".  We are very very proud to have offered this magnificent horse for sale and we hope that Nick will enjoy years of happiness with Tennessee's Finest 17h saddling sweetheart. 

We've also enjoyed Nick's visit's with his wife Donna, and hope to remain freinds with them for years to come as well. 

We meet the nicest people selling horses. It never ceases to amaze me how God brings us such classy customers, who become, our friends.  :)


Sold to James and Ruby in Las Vegas, Nevada

I am so honored that James and Ruby traveled all the way from Nevada to buy a horse from us!  We are really extending the boundaries of our Farm Family now, as we are so delighted to have met James and Ruby.  They are among the most thoughtful people I have EVER met, and to top it off, they sent us his sister's world famous Pound Cake as a thank you!  I am the luckiest girl in the world to meet these incredible people!!! And Don, well you know how he is about cake (and Diet Coke.... ).  First class folks do deserve a first class horse, and we thank James and Ruby, from the bottom of our hearts for giving our Rosie such a loving home.  We can hardly wait to get out to Las Vegas and see how Rosie has adjusted to the Roulette Tables.  She really is a winner. 

Miss Becky

Sold to Jim in Winchester, Va

Miss Becky and Jim and his wife Mona have purchased the gentle and beautiful Miss Becky.  Jim is having the time of his life, taking lessons, riding Miss Becky on trails, and learning how to care for this most exquisite Black and White trail mare. We have lots of fun with Jim as he is also officially a farm family member and feel great knowing that Miss Becky has found a home where she is appreciated.  Thanks Jim!

Sold to Grayce in Southern, California

Gender: Gelding
Color: Buckskin

Sale Date: 01/03/09

Congratulatoions to Grayce. We know she will enjoy this gentle buckskin with a superior gait and temperment. Thank you Grayce.



Roses’s Abby Girl
Sold to Becky Randall

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (SSHBEA)
Gender: Mare
Color: Black and White (tobiano)
Sale Date: 12/39/08

Congratulations to Becky and Dave who have bought Abby and Maci. 2 smoother and more fun horses do not exist! We are delighted to place these saddling littel sweethearts with such a nice couple. THANK YOU, we are so glad to have you as part of our farm family. Becky and Dave will be taking their riding lessons for the next few weeks and learning more about gaited horses with the help of Don Twigg and Sharon Raynor, in the ring and on the trail.

Dolly’s Little Dixie

Sold to Dave Randall

Breed: National Spotted Saddle Horse Association (NSSHA)
Gender: Mare
Color: Strawberry Roan
Sale Date: 12/30/08


Sold to JoAnne Sheets near Chambersburg, Pa.

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse but black
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black
Sale Date: 12/24/08

We are so delighted to have met JoAnne and her husband on Christmas Eve. They have purchased a very calm and smooth gelding with an excellant attitude and a heart as big as Texas. We know they will be very happy wiht Shad.


Sold to Kelly Sanchez and family in Mercersburg, Pa.

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (TWHBEA)
Gender: Mare
Color: Black and White (tobiano)
Sale Date: 12/24/08

We have found a perfect home for our 5 month old filly Walking-After-Dolly, a TWHBEA registered filly by The Right Hand Man (our 17 hand and 1500 pound stallion, who is TWHBEA and SSHBEA registered, and our pide and joy, Blu's BlackWidow - our TWHBEA "CG Pusher" bred mare). Thank you and Merry Christmas Kelly and family. Kelly bought Dolly for her husband and surprised him Christmas Eve with this stupendous (but NOT little) filly. Take a look at Andy, Rhe Right Hand Man, our our Stallion page, he is one of the worlds largest and kindest TWHBEA and SSHBEA stallions,(and our own personal cookie monster.

So I am going to list the horses sold and dates and names of happy horse owners as I want these very extraordinary people who have bought my horses to know how much I appreciate their trusting me, and how honored I am to have found such wonderful homes for my horses for sale.

This is Hot Shot, sold Dec. 2, 2008 to Kim Peterson in Ohio. She wasn't going to buy a horse on color, she just wanted a really kind and loving horse that would take care of her on the trails. She got him!

MaryJo and Hap bought Mable (a mare we used for trail rides and riding lessons on our farm, Mable is a very patient and smooth Spotted Saddle Horse and a very trustworthy trail horse) and Maverick (who is a Tennessee Walkikng Horse gelding with a very natural gait and a very effortless and smooth gait!), on Nov. 6, 2008. They love their horses!!!
Kim Hawkins bought Fancy a strawberry roan Tennessee Walking Horse mare (TWHBEA) on Nov. 22, 2008. Fancy is a sensational mare with lots of sense, not "mare-ish" and very smooth and willing to please. We are delighted that Kim has selected Fancy.
Joyce Marques bought Banner on Oct. 17, 2008. Benner has lots of new freinds at his lovely new home. Another match made in heaven. (We are right next to West Virginia after all... :)

Elvis at with his previous owner Gerald Crawford (Smooth!!).

Kathy Williams bought Elvis on Oct. 23, 2008. This is the horse I wish I could have kept for myself... what a classy horse. But - I have 40 horses so thank you Kathy for giving Elvis such a great life. This is one of the horses I brought out of Tennessee when I went for my annual October trail ride. I buy horses from my freinds that are also looking to find worthy homes for their tennessee walking horse trail horses.
Janet Moran bought Lucky Dumas on Oct. 24, 2008. This is perhaps the smoothest riding horse in Virginia, except now he's gone to Minnesota. Jan is happy to show her fellow classmates how a walking horse should move. She says he is the star of their gated class and their is nothing he cannot do. Oh we love these win-win horse sales.
Rachel Jefferson bought our grey TWHBEA mare named Gabby on Oct. 25, 2008. We just couldn't get any luckier meeting these really sweet people. Gabby is the horse of Rachel's dreams and we know Gabby and Rachel are very devoted to each other.
Becky Edwards bought our Paso Fino x Mo. Fox Trotter mare named Gracie on Oct. 28, 2008. What a lucky girl Becky is (and what a lucky girl Gracie is too). Gracie is a very well trained mare that is super smooth with lots of trail smarts. Becky wanted a mare she could hop on and ride after a hard day at work. One that would be glad to see her and enjoy going out for trail rides. That's our Gracie. What a classy mare she is. Thank you Becky!!!

Casey Jones
Sold to Karen Palazzolo

Gender: Gelding
Color: brown
Sale Date: 03/05/08



May 4, 2008

Sold to Georgette and Frank in Va

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Gelding
Sale Date: 05/04/08



Sold to Georgette and Frank in Va

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White (tobiano)
Sale Date: 05/04/08


Pride (The most prefect Rocky Mtn horse EVER) - and Valentino, the smoothest gaitin' sweetheart to come down a trail are now "adopted" by Georgette and Frank.

We enjoyed meeting these guys very much and look forward to working with them and their new horses here before we deliver them to their new home in Nokesville, Va. (AKA The Promise Land - we here they have grass.... !)









Danny's Pride
Sold to our friends Joyce and Barbara in Pa

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White (tobiano)
Sale Date: 04/07/08

We did it girls!!! We found you THE PERFECT horse. Perserverance does pay off. It took me a few months and only 2 visits to come up with exactly what you told me you wanted. This is a match made in heaven! THANK YOU!!!


Heartbreak Kid
Sold to our new friend Herbie in VA

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Palomino
Sale Date: 02/23/08

We know Heartbreak Kid and Herbie will be impressing all those trail riders down in Va. and we relish the thought of our well behaved (and yes he's young) Tennessee Walking Horse horse showing the world what trail riding is all about. (It's all about relaxing!)


Sold to Ruth in VA

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse & Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano
Sale Date: 03/12/08

The worlds fanciest spotted saddle horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and RHBA has a wonderful new home with Ruth in Va. She needed a horse that enjoys being ridden and one that won't "try you out", and she got him. Thanks Ruth.(friend of our good friend Pat M.) We know you've got yourself a trail horse deluxe that will be hard to replace here at Bailey's Walking-After-Midnight Farm.


Sold to Karin in MD

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Sale Date: 03/16/08

She needed a gentle confidence builder that would show her how easy it is to ride a gaited horse - and she met Roscoe, just the boy for the job. What a great trail horse. Karin is a lucky girl, and Roscoe has met the love of his life. Oh these matches made in heaven make for great love stories!


Chance's Best Deal (barn name "Beau")
Sold to JP in Madison, WI

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Palomino
Sale Date: 03/08/08

We haven't even met face to face Beu's new owner JP, (yet?) but we know he's a class act that wants to ride a class act. Thank you JP for hanging in there with me and for your trust in me. I won't let you down! Send photos. This horse will shed out to the most golden palomino color. But pretty is as pretty does. This is a world class trail horse. We love the internet and all the wonderful people it brings to us!!!!


Blackwidow's Dixie Queen
Sold to Gary and Denise in CT

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Blue Roan
Sale Date: 02/05/08

Is Dixie the pride of Bailey's Walking After Midnight? You betcha! This is a rare blue roan tobiano mare that carries herself like the Queen of Sheba. She now resides in Litchfield, Ct. where we anxiously await photos and stories of triumphant trail rides.


Bullet's Ultra Sonic
Sold to Rose in Cross Junction, VA

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Sale Date: 03/16/08

Trail riding just WON'T get any better than on this first class trail horse named Sonic out of one of our favorite stallions Bud's Sterling Bullet. Congratulations Rose. We are so proud and happy for you (and Sonic - who has waited for someone special to come along and turn this Tennessee Walking Horse trail horse deluxe into a love bug.... ). Since Rose is moving close to our farm we will have the pleasure of her company and Sonic's for months to come. Yes we offer boarding after you've purchased your horse!

A Customer Comment:

We sold Melissa T. "Rolex" June 2007

We are very grateful to know her and to have brought such happiness to her life, and to Rolex's....


Sold to Melissa T.

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano
Sale Date: 06/15/07

I've loved horses for my whole life and I've worked at horse farms for the last 12 yrs.... half of those at a TWH farm, where I fell in love with the breed because of their friendly personalities and their great, smooth ride. I'm 43 and finally got my first horse for my anniversary and what a horse I got!  He's my Buddy!       

Thanks Melissa & trainer, Don for my wonderful new friend!  I have to also say that even though I don't live close by, I've gained a friend in Melissa (M1)!  She is a wonderful person!        Melissa (M2) Travis


Sold to Margaret in New York

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding

We have sold Walker, one of The World's Classiest Walking Horses to Margaret in New York. She bought him site unseen and we are very excited to have this chance to prove we stand behind our horses.



Sold to Dawn, Dennis, Katie and Jenna

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Tobiano
Sale Date: 01/05/08

Dawn and Dennis and Katie and Jenna have adopted Crystal today. (Jan. 5, 2008) (The sweetest APHA Mare we have ever known.)

We will miss Crystal but are so excited that she is going to a home where she will get the love and attention she deserves!

I feel like I've hit a home run! It's days like this when I see how happy my little farm can make an entire family that makes the stress of running a small business worthwhile. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for trusting me. Melissa B.


Miss Kitty and Romeo
Sold to Chuck

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Mare / Gelding
Color: Tobiano

Congratulations to Chuck for purchasing Miss Kitty and adopting" our 21 yr old gelding "Romeo". We think Chuck is renaming Miss Kitty to "Rebel". She is perhaps the smoothest sweetest riding Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitor's Association (SSHBEA) mare the world has ever known and Chuck and Miss Kitty will have a chance to work together here at our farm till January (or as long as he wants) with the assistance of our riding staff (Don and Sharon) to "practice" good horsemenship on the trail and learn all about riding a gaited horse. Thank you Chuck. We are so excited about your future with Miss Kitty, and Romeo....


Blackwidow's Juliet Alen
Sold to Jill and Mike

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Tobiano

Congratulations to Jill and Mike - new owners of BlackWidow's Juliet Alen. A top notch trail horse mare (Tennessee Walking Horse) with a very natural and smooth gait. We know they'll all be very happy together and we thank Jill and Mike for trusting us to provide a trustworthy horse for their family. We pride ourselves on first rate Tennessee Walking Horses and we will miss Juliet.

Calamity Jane
Sold to Tom and Barb in Indiana

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Tobiano

Tom Meadows and Calamity Jane our 2007 Tennessee Walking Horse filly out of The Gangster of Love himself, B. Widows Pretty Boy Floyd, who found his forever home in England with Calamity Jeanne. Hence we named Floyds last USA filly after our English friend that we look forward to meeting one day, face to face.

By the way, we sold Floyd, with The Blossom and Sassie Flashy to Jeanie site unseen. We also sold Calamity Jane to Tom and Barb Meadows site unseen.

Isn't the internet wonderful!!!!


Big Johnny
Sold to Barb in Indianna

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding

This is our new "Sis", Barb Meadows, and one of the best Tennessee Walking Horse geldings ever, Big Johnny, trail riding several weeks after she bought Big Johnny and Rocky (see below) site unseen from a VHS video tape and a contract that says if he's not "as advertised" you get your money back.


Sold to Barb in Indiana

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding

This is Rocky (Tennessee Walking Horse) and his new Mom, Barb Meadows in Indiana, who purchased him, Big Johnny and Calamity Jane, site unseen, off of a video tape.


Sold to Gretta

Foaled: 12 yr. old
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Tobiano, brown and white

This is Gretta with Tillie and Penny. Tillie is a 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, that we had for 7 years. She had never been broke to ride, and here is Gretta riding Tillie, for the first time. It makes me so happy. I tell people my mares can't be beat. I tell them they are gentle and talented, but to have a 12 year old mare started under saddle.... this makes me so happy I cry. And look how adorable that Penny is!!! She is the last filly we have out of BlackWidow's Blue Venom, sold to Hilke and Joseph in Germany last year. What a great moving Tennessee Walking Horse she is!!! (You can't beat my mares..... ).


Sold to Royce and Kathy in Virginia

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano

Cherokee's Easy Rider is one of the most impressive trail horses we have ever had. Thank you!! This super trail horse deluxe is also a Spotted Saddle Horse and Tennessee Walking Horse and now has a home worthy of his talent.


Sold to Susan in Virginia

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano

She's sure to be a happy trail rider. Thank you Susan, he is a wonderful trail horse, Tennessee Walking Horse (TWHBEA) and Spotted Saddle Horse. (SSHBEA) Call me and lets go riding!


Sold to Naomi in Florida

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding

She and Hal have a life time of happiness together and we couldn't be prouder. Hal is a definitive Tennessee Walking horse (TWHBEA) and an outstanding trail horse. Thank you Naomi. It was such a pleasure to have you as my house guest while you got the chance to get to know our horses.




Jojo, Whiskey, Dusty
Sold to Nancy and Bob

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding, Mare, Gelding

JoJo, Whiskey and Dusty have found the home of their dreams with Nancy and Bob who have decided to let us teach them horse safety and get experience with their new horses with some assistance from our riding staff.

JoJo is one of the most desireable trail horses we've ever had - a registered Spotted Saddle Horse gelding, Whiskey is a Tennessee Walking Horse mare that I put my 3 yr old grand daughter on for rides, and Dusty is a registered NWHA gelding that I rode at (What a perfect ride he is.... ).

We are VERY honored that Bob and Nancy have trusted us to place 3 horses into their beautiful new home/farm.

I love this idea! Why let us work with you and your new horse so that you KNOW you are getting a trail horse you can ride and trust when you get it home!



TWHBEA stallion

BlackWidow's Blue Venom (Standing at Stud)
Sold to Hilke and Josef in Germany

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Stallion
Color: Blue Roan

Yes the BlackWidow Farm IS international now!   This is her 25th wedding anniversary present and how cool is this to have our most REGAL Blue Roan Stallion (Tennessee Walking Horse) represent his breed in Germany.  I am very honored and PROUD!!!!!   I know she will care for him and treasure him so I am happy for her.

We are changing the focus of the farm to trail horses and children (our 4-H Horse Club "4 Shoes" Horse Club) and now offer riding lessons, so we have found these impeccable homes for our breeding stock.   

TWH black and white stallion

BlackWidow's PrettyBoy Floyd
Sold to Jeannie in England!

Height: 15h
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano, Homozygous Black and White

WOW - can you believe it? Our sweet country boy is on his way to becoming English Royalty. We are so proud to have him represent our breed in England, but so sad to see him go. We are trying to be strong but seeing him go is hard!

Floyd has the smoothest, all natural running walk in the state of Virginia.  (Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse) His disposition is very kind and we can put kids on his back.  The homozygous term means he's guaranteed to throw spots.  His bloodlines include GLL's Carbon Copy (WGC) and Go Boy's Insignia by Perfectly Spotted and out of Ebony's Rock-N-Roll Lady.  




Sassie Chance
Sold to Tim in Va.  Thank you!!

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.1h
Color: Palomino

Sassie Chance (Sassie) is out of Chance's Goldust H. - a Tennessee Walking Horse with three Foundation names on her papers (Merry Leg's, Hunter's Allen, and Roan Allen). She stands 16.1 h. Need we say more? We just love her Palomino and White offspring. So will you.



Sold to Mary and Marc in Florida

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding

Hi Melissa; Just a note to tell you that the horse we bought from you (Formerly named Fury, now renamed Gator (FL Gator, not 'Gaiter') is a wonderful horse. He has a wonderful disposition, and he always wants to please his rider and has never spooked. He demands to be petted whenever we walk by, and he is almost like one of our weimaraners; (I suspect that Gator would like to sit on the sofa if he could!). We were very lucky to have found a place to have him here in Highlands, NC for the summer and after strengthening his muscles with mountain trails, his gait is even better. He looks glorious with his tail high gaiting around. We love him. We hope that you enjoy this follow up note. Best wishes to you all Mark and Mary Ettinger

Pusher's Red Man aka Cucumber
Sold to Bill and Marlow in Nashville Tenn

Foaled: 4 yr. old
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Tobiano
Height: 15.3h

Pusher's Red Man (aka Cucumber) is a seasoned trail horse 4 yrs old. An extraordinary trail horse Goes where ever you point him Not boogery, likes an adventure!  Excellent woods horse.  Very responsive and controllable.  Doesn't mind creeks, bridges, traffic.  LOT and LOTS of miles under saddle FROM the hills of Tennessee.  Loves people!!!!  VERY KIND!!!  Excellent ground manners. Used for riding lessons with inexperienced children - or when our horse trainer wants to go for a nice trail ride. Effortless and SMOOTH gait - you can stay in all day. If you can sit on this horse you can ride him (and like it!!!) Tennessee Walking Horse & Spotted Saddle Horse


Sold to Julia in Florida

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Color: Tobiano

Thank you very much for trusting us.  We KNOW you will be so delighted for years to come with this fantastic horse!!!!!



Sold to Roger and Rebecca

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Tobiano


The perfect horse! (yes, there went another lesson horse.... )



Generator's Image Souvenir
Sold to Don in California

Foaled: 8 yr. old
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Height: 15.2h

At last we have found a man that may be good enough for God's Gift to Walking Horses. Congratulations Don! I know you will be so happy with our magnificent horse.



Pepper & Call
Sold to Stu and Diane

Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Palomino

The luxury sports car of horses... we are proud to know Stu & Diane and know they will be even prouder to own these horses!



Sold to Trish in Luray, VA

Foaled: 1997
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.2h
Color: Tobiano, Homozygous Black and White
Sale Price: $5,000

Lucky girl!!  (And Lucky horse!!)  There went another lesson horse.....  

Comanche is a blue black and white gelding that has a spotted gait that even if you try you can't mess up. Plus, this black won't fade! He neck reigns and is a MADE trail horse. From Tennessee, so the man from Snowy River has nothing on this boy. If you can sit in the saddle you can ride him.




BlackWidow's Ultra Violet
Sold to Lynne and Jeff in New Hampshire

Foaled: 2 yr. old
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

We are so happy to have this repeat business from the New England BlackWidow Farm fan club! We appreciate your confidence in us very much. THANK YOU. And kisses to Belle.



Rich and Fabulous (Blaze)
Sold to Linda

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Oh boy! This was hard to do but I couldn't have found a better home for this amazing horse!



BlackWidow's Sea Biscuit
Sold to Debbie in New Hampshire

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Tobiano

She is the Chairman of the "Friends of BlackWidow Farm" in New England. Thank you Debbie!


Sassy & Blossom
Sold to Jeannie in England

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Mares

Both Sassy and Blossom are joining our stallion Floyd! Calamity Jeannie is undoubtedly going to be a very proud and happy new Mama. Tennessee's finest is going abroad.




Foaled: 2006
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse



King Arthur

Foaled: 2006
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Tobiano


Senator's Aztec Gold
Sold to Bill and Marlow in Nashville Tenn

Foaled: 2003
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.3h+
Color: Buckskin
Sale Price: $6,500

Senator's Aztec Gold (Buck) is a coming 3 yr old gelding that promises to mature to 15.2h. Broke for most riders, and has MEGA miles put on FROM the hills of Tennessee. Goes wherever you point him, and is one smooth and natural goin' real head shaking walking horse.   Neck reigns too! Located in Winchester, Va.  



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