Mares For Sale: Trail-Ready

Our Mares come from the best bloodlines available in the Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse industry today!

Take a look at most of our horses for sale under saddle and viewable in a video format on our web site.

Note: All of our horses load, clip, cross water and deal with traffic, so if we don't say it on every description please know that in order for a horse to be on my web page it has to be a proven trail horse that does all this stuff. 

I put my reputation behind each of these horses and you know bad news travels faster than good news... I've got HUNDREDS of people that can give me a favorable reference, I'm no horse trader - I'm a horse adoption agency. 

A substantial percentage of our horse sales come from referrals from other customers and return customers (and I give "package pricing" in consideration for the sale of more than one horse). 

Please view our Yearlings and Weanlings For Sale page to learn more about Jezebelle and Velvet. Born in May 2010. $4500

Jezebelle is sold Jamie in Martinsburg, WV.

We start trick training at a young age here at Walking-After-Midnight Farm. Velvet should mature to at least 15.2h and the gait on her is just outrageously smooth. Her mama is by Deja Blue, who is by one of the most sought after stallions in the TWHBEA industry named The Pusher CG and ofcourse the daddy is one of the worlds largest TWHBEA's stallions, our Andy (The Right Hand Man), so the temperment on this filly is kind and loving. Neither mother nor father have a mean bone in their body (see Andy the 17h Daddy on the Stallion portion of my pages). $2500 Sold to Patty M. (also proud owner of Capone)

Princess Sugar Plum at 4 mos

Princess Sugar Plum foaled June 22, 2010 $4,250

is going to be a very large and SWEET Spotted Saddle horse. Her uncle, Saint, who will be comparable to her in many ways (see him on the sold horses page ( ) like size and gait and disposition, is not yet 3 yrs old and pushing 17h. Princess will be enormous but GENTLE and GrandMa safe - but you will need a very tall ladder to get GrandMa up there.

Jezebelle and Princess Sugar Plum are already looking like horses big enough to ride, and they are 11mos and 12mos old and 14.3h.

New born Princess Sugar Plum with her mother, Buttermilk.
June 2010

Princess Sugar Plum's sire is The Right Hand Man and dam is Blackwidow's Buttermilk.

Why not relax on your trail ride?


We have used Teaser and Korbi for the "paid for" trail rides ($45 ea) weekly on our farm since last October. This mare is as sweet and sensible as they come. We know Cherry and her family and friends will LOVE riding Teaser for many years.

Bullet's Little Teaser

Foaled: April 19, 2008

Gender: Mare

Height: 14.1h (will mature to 14.2h+ and stocky)

Color: Grey

Sold to Cherry in W. VA.

Teaser is the sweetheart of the farm. We use her for trail rides with children, smaller adults that would like a confidence building experience, and couldn't be prouder of a horse for sale.

Teaser is out of one of my favorite stallions, Bud's Sterling Bullet, and I buy Bullet offspring as often as I can.

I bought Teasers 11 mos old brother because Teaser (and her sister named Beauty that I have also sold) are such successful trail horses. Sane, SMOOTH, willing to please.

I road Teaser at the C&O Canal with bicycles and trains going by. This mare is calm and will not come unglued.

She is a loving and sensible horse. An "old soul".   Teaser (description of)
*If this doesn't play then please go to my site and view ALL the video's of Teaser and other gaited trail horses for sale.

Call Melissa at (540)303-0569 or email Melissa to request digital photos and moving pictures of Teaser under saddle

Piper and Korbi are sisters

Korbi is sure footed and cruises effortlessly through the woods and creeks. She is "go to" horse that we can trust to rent for our custom trail rides.

Sir Gold's Snow Cream (Korbi)

Foaled: 2008

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association Gender: Mare

Height: 15h but will mature to 15.1h

Color: Gold Champagne w blaze and blue right eye
Sale Price: $5,650

Korbi is a Gold Champagne Tennessee Walking Horse mare that has sense and style and a most pleasing disposition. She is looking to be a partner. She has a FABULOUS gait, with slow, medium, and fast gears for a very smooth running walk. She canters too.

We rent her for trail rides to novice riders but if you are an experienced rider you'll love riding her too. She is a Cadillac! Melissa trail rode her in Tennessee summer 2010 (up and down big hills and through a river). She's been to the C&O and is calm and easy going every trail ride. She is always looking to please her rider. A kind mare. The kind that is loyal and looks to take care of you. She has had a proper foundation with Natural Horsemanship training methods.

She is Melissa's favorite. Don't know why, we just bonded on the trail riding camping trip in Tennessee last summer and when I come outside my home at our Cross Junction Farm she comes across the pasture to see me. This mare has got a great big heart and a head full of sense. And she loves me. Please someone buy her before I can't bear to part with her. My husband says I have enough horses.

Call Melissa (540)303-0569 to learn more about our beautiful Korbi (named after the Champagne "Korbel" cause she is a top shelf trail horse. See photo of her father futher down under her sister Piper's description. Her grand father is Chief's Preacher King and you guys know I buy horses out of specific stallions whenever I can because I know what to expect. None of my horses are hyped up show ring bred horses. These are trail horses that can handle crowds, gunfire, and stress. This is WHY you want to "go Gaited".

Natural front leg action. This mare is one of the most comfortable horses I've ever ridden. Melissa Bailey

This mare has great ground manners and loves attention.

Lullabye Sadie

Foaled: April 1, 2004

Breed: RHBA
Gender: Mare

Height: 14.3h (stocky)

Color: Strawberry Roan
Sale Price: $5,650

I also call her Sexy Sadie (any Beatles White Album fans out there??). She is the first one to greet you in the field. She is a dominant mare but not a witch. That said, she IS a sweet natured mare on the ground and on the trail, alone or with other horses, and beautiful Strawberry Roan mare.

The gait on this mare puts her in her own league. She IS a true Cadillac. I've got some smooth riding horses on this farm right now.... but you have got to ride this mare to believe it. We are talking comfort!!!!

She's got a head full of sense. I rode her at the Bucksnort Trail Ride and we had a great time! Went up hills, and I mean serious hills, we went down hills... this mare is athletic and will go anywhere you point her. She is trustworthy and sure footed.

She can be ridden anywhere in a group of horses or alone. She is traffic safe and the more we know her the more we LOVE HER. She has excellent ground manners too.

Call Melissa at (540)303-0569 or email Melissa to request digital photos and moving pictures of Sadie under saddle

Jamie loves riding Sadie!

Sir Gold's Diana (Piper)

Sold to Martha and Mark of Lewisville, Texas

Melissa, we can't thank you and Don enough, for the warm welcome to your farm for our horse hunting trip. You were both so open and accomodating from start to finish. Mark thought Moonshine was a top flight trail horse, too!

We are already in love with our beautiful Piper. She is smart and sensitive but calm, and has a funny, sweet personality. She makes such a pretty frame under saddle, and what a nice mover! She is also movie star gorgeous- I could just sit and look at her all day. We led her to the water crossing on our trail today, to see if she wanted a drink, and she strode right in up to her hocks- she is so brave for a 3 year old! Everyone at our barn has stopped by to check out the beautiful new arrival. We look forward to many years of fun with our new family member! We should be sending some trail pics soon....

Mark and Martha

Mark's Shadow Faith (Faith)

SOLD to Clare P. of Berkeley Springs, WV

Suzanne and her new Mom, Jean, at the C&O Canal. What a great time we are having with these ladies from Wisconsin. (And they brought cheese!)


Blackwidows Suzanne Delight

Foaled: 05/16/2005
Gender: Mare
Height: 15h
Color: BLACK
Sale Price: $5,350

Sold to Jean of Madison, Wisconsin

It seems soul mates come in all sizes....
Judy bought Charmer the same weekend that her friend Jean bought Suzanne.


A Charming Assistant! (Charmer)

Judy and Charmer, more of that Dynamic Duo - Jean and Judy from Wisconsin, who bought Suzanne and Charmer! Charmer is a daughter of our Stallion Andy. Jean and Judy have a triumphant ride at Donald Park Trail Head in Wisconsin!





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