Geldings For Sale: Trail-Ready

We've sold over 450 horses in the 10 plus years we've been in business.

Thank you to all our customers who make our business one of the most successful horse sale establishments viewable from the web!

Please click on this link to go to our YouTube site and see lots of moving clips of various horses for sale here at Walking-After-Midnight Farm:

Caution: the video's on youtube are "hokey", but true to life and entertaining.

Proof that Melissa does in fact ride (this is her own horse "Joe").


Female Tri Color "Broken Coat" $500
Sired by Ch. Bluskye's Piano Man

2043 Hwy 64 * Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone: (931)359-7393

Note:  All the horses listed for sale are experienced trail savvy horses that were never at a sale barn or an auction. You are welcome to talk to anyone I've purchased a horse from.  I pride myself on providing "willing trail partners".  These horses came from trusted friends that I've had years of experience buying horses from in Tennessee. 


Sometimes it takes a while to get photos of horses that are suitable for the web page so not everyone is on here. But I do have everyone (I think) on my site for your viewing pleasure. Email me please and I'll send you a collage that lists all the horses currently for sale with their prices.

I sell horses that are calm and NOT looking to "try you out" on the trail - they also gait EASILY and SMOOTHLY. I stake my reputation on this.

I'm trying to keep the sold page current but I am behind!!!  I do want to ackowledge my gratitude to the wonderful people who have come into my life and my home and purchased horses from me.   THANK YOU!

I place moving clips of my current horses for sale on our youtube web site. Please go to and see new horses there that might not have made it to this list.

Call Melissa and ask about "just the right horse" for you. If I don't have it here, (and I've got over 15 horses for sale here!), then I might know of one in Tennessee that I have'nt been able to bring up yet. Talk to me about pricing too. I want to find a horse a home for life AND sell a horse. I do what it takes to make a deal.

You won't regret buying a horse from Bailey's Blackwidowfarm LLC, aka Walking-After-Midnight Farm. Each sale is a custom experience designed by you. We give you a trial period at your new farm, riding lessons here on your new horse, a guarantee of the health and soundness of your new horse, (and we comply with getting the horse into a boarding facillity too). We give a new bit and bridle to each horse, can assist in delivering your new horse, invite you to stay in our home (must like dogs and cats) to spend a few days working with our horse savvy staff to ride various horses in different scenarios so that you can make your decision with confidence. I can't change the world, but I can give you a great experience buying a horse. We like to think we are "accountable" to you and our horse, long after the sale.

I know it's not a horse... But these are my friend and Vets AKC Reg. Jack Russell Terriers, (Dr. Baker's) and the best Jack Russells EVER. I have one of his dogs. If you like JRT's don't look anywhere else. Not "hyper".
Contact: Dr. Randy Baker, DVM for puppy info

Call Melissa (540)303-0569 to get emailed a collage with photos of the horses currently available. Approx. 15 gaited trail horses "of color" for sale at this time.

Rio is ultra smooth, neck reins, rides like a sportscar, responsive, SWEET, AND a Buckskin. 16h and broke for most people that can sit in a saddle. This is one of the nicest horses we HAVE EVER had for sale. $9000

Titan is SOLD to Karen in Highland, Md.

Call Melissa for more jpg photos and info. (540)303-0569

See all these horses under saddle on our site

Preliminary shots re
New geldings (March 27, 2011)
These horses are here!

Prince SOLD to Jamie! Congradulatoins on graduating from Pharmacy school and for buying the smoothest horse we've ever had for sale!

Sold to Ramona in Enid, Oklahoma
BabyDoc (raised on this farm)

Moonshine 8 yr old TWHBEA gelding 14.3h $5500
Sold to Camille and Glenn in Moseley, Va

Never ridden bareback before so here is more truth in advertising!

Traffic Safe too!

Beau stands quietly under saddle

American Born and Bred (barn name is Beau)

Foaled: May 25, 2002
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.1h and stocky
Color: Sorrel w Flaxen Mane and Tail

Sold to our friend Ann in Bremerton, Washington (who purchased a fabulous gelding named Redman in Sept. 2008 site unseen). She has come back to give Beau a fabulous home also. THANK YOU Ann.

Beau is an extraordinary trail horse. Fabulous gait, parks out to get on and off, canters, neck reins, LOVING and easy to catch, get's along GREAT with his pasture mates, loads, leads, clips - there is nothing this boy won't do except give you a hard time.

He was owned since he was 2 yrs old by my friend Roy Lamb who passed away last Nov so I sadly am selling him for Roy's widow. I've know this horse at the Bucksnort Trail ride for years. He is a seasoned trail horse that has always been handled responsibly and he is a very classy and fun horse to ride. Ride him alone or with a group of horses or leave the group and ride alone. He is just a fabulous horse in every way.

See video clips of Beau on our site and call Melissa at 540-303-0569 to learn more about Beau and to request digital jpg's of him too.


Honey's Major Threat

Foaled: July 1, 2008
Breed: International Pleasure Walking Horse Assoc.
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.3h plus (will mature to 15h plus)
Color: Palomino
Sale Price: $5,500

His name is Honey and he is as sweet has a horse can be!

Likes people, has excellent ground manners, and yes he's young but he is NOT going to give you a hard time. (We give trial periods so I will put this in writing).

He has miles of trail experience so he's traffic safe, you can ride him with a group or ride him alone, or you can ride him away from the group.  Crosses creeks, stands in crossties, trailers like an old pro. 

He is a finished trail horse and we are willing to stake our reputation on it.

See video clips of Honey ponying other horses and demonstrating his world class smooth gait. He is a pretty Palomino but his ride is what sets him apart from most horses. He could mature to 15.1h or close to it as he's almost 15h now.

In the pasture he is easy going with mares and geldings alike. Comes to the gait to be caught.

Call Melissa at 540-303-0569 to learn more about Honey and to get digital jpg's of him.

Liz and her dog Nemo help Charlie Bailey put out hay.

RedMan (Reg. name = Simon Girty)

SOLD to Liz G. in NYC! Yes we have a horse living IN The Bronx, NY! (We love you Liz and Nemo!)

We trust Myles to rent for our trail ride business. He's been to Cival War Battlefields, the C&O Canal, and you can ride him alone aroud our farm or with a group.

Relax and have fun on your trail ride with Myles

See many of our current horses for sale on

Foaled: June 2002
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.1h
Color: Bay
Sale Price: $5,350

Novice Rider approved! This quiet gentle Tennessee beauty would love to spend days trail riding with you and your family. He is NOT jumpy, goes any where you point him, and is happy to walk but gaits effortlessly too. He is not motored up under saddle.

Crosses water, bridges, traffic safe. And he is GORGEOUS.

I can ride him with the group and I can easily leave the group and ride alone. This horse IS quiet in the mind and FUN TO RIDE!!!!.

Hills of Tennessee broke so you know he's been there, done that and worn the t-shirt. We LOVE Myles and know who ever adopts him will have a reliable mount for themselves and their family. 

We use Myles for our "rent by hour" trail rides - another facet of our farm - we trust him to carry novice riders - a horse that is this dependable does not come along every day.

Myles is a real love bug too. Easy to catch and loves attention. 

This is the horse you are looking for!! Call Melissa for more info on Myles at (540)303-0569 and ask for digital images of Myles under saddle too. You can also see clips of Myles on our Myles is stylish and well behaved

Blacks Buddy Boy
Foaled: 2002
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse (SSHBEA)
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.2h
Color: Black and White

Sold to Sherry in Upper Marlboro, Md

Apache is more than just a pretty face!
Life is more fun when riding smooth gaited horses.

Foaled: Aug. 25, 2007
Breed: National Spotted Saddle Horse Assoc.
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.2h
Color: Grula and White
Sale Price: $5,250

Sold to Megan in Blacksburg, Va



Oliver North is SOLD to Martha D. in Forest Hill, Md
Thank you Martha and Dick! We enjoyed meeting you and appreciated you giving a wonderful home to our friendliest boy ever.

Preacher is a 6 yr old TWHBEA (grandma safe) GOLD Champagne!!

Preacher is SOLD to Becky in Vermont. (Thank you Becky. We are so proud to place our Golden Retrieve with you and your loving family.)

Another match made in Heaven. This was meant to be.....

Stallion Standing At Stud in Cross Junction, Va. $500 LFG Stud fee and $12 a day for mare care.
* He is the sire of: Saint, Velvet, Mandy Lightening, and Jezebel. His barn name "Andy". This is Andy and Melissa Bailey.
Photo taken by Linda Parker )

Andy is one of the world's largest Tennessee Walking Horse stallions, we think he IS the worlds largest Spotted Saddle Horse Stallion. (He is triple registered).

We know he is the gentlest stallion - ever. Anyone can go in the paddock with him and pet him. His Registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA and NSSH name is The Right Hand Man. (see a right hand print on his right shoulder).





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