Tennessee Walking Stallions

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Andy's offspring, see below, are dropdead gorgeous! These offspring have made excellent dressage, fox hunting and trail pleasure horses.

Zeus is online for sale for 45,000!

Samson just sold for 35,000!

Charmer is owned by our freind Bill Smith, of Martinsburg, W. Va. (who is 6'2" so Charmer is not so small pictured here at 1 yr old). She is going to be 2 yrs old in June 2009. She is for sale $2K till she gets started under saddle. She is a registered TWHBEA filly. She'll should mature to 16.2h. Her mother is used for riding lessons and is very calm. Charmer has a great disposition and displays exceptional walking horse talent. Her daddy is The Right Hand Man.

The Right Hand Man 931529
Standing at Stud

Foaled: May 2, 1993
Height: 17h
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse & Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender: TWHBEA / SSHBEA Stallion
Color: Tobiano, Black & White
Stud Fee: $500 LFG

The Right Hand Man (barn name is Andy) is a most remarkable Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse. He's also an awesome Trail Horse! Standing at 17h he is one of the worlds largest Tennessee Walking Horse / Spotted Saddle Horse Stallions and he weighs 1,500 pounds!

I've decided that I can't sell him. He needs to be with us, forever.

This stallion deserves to be a stallion. He is a gentleman, and passes his wonderful disposition and gait on to his colts. He throws approximately 70% spotted and the colts mature to be bigger than he is.

A 15 year-old GENTLE GIANT with very natural gait, located in Winchester, VA. Andy has no idea how big he is. He is so gentle he'd actually stop and eat grass on the way to breed a mare.

He loves to be petted and he always has an eye out for a cookie, (I call him my cookie monster). Anyone can go in the stall with him. He is gentle and easy to handle.

I was so impressed with several of his offspring I had previously purchased for resale that I went back and bought him too. The Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse offspring range from 17.2h - 18h and are very sane horses on the ground and under saddle and are  They make AWESOME trail horses. Not boogery and broke for inexperienced riders.

He is one of the most impressive animals we have ever known.

Please E-mail or call for photos and moving clips or a VHS Tape of Andy under saddle. Besides Melissa deciding she can't part with Andy, Charlie has decided that he has to must keep "Saint", this years stud colt by Andy out of our beloved (not for sale either) tri color SSHBEA mare named Tatoo's Dixie Queen (and you wonder how we got 40 horses.... ). Saint could be bigger than Andy and he is extremely freindly and affectionate.

I do have photos of the offspring if you'd care to see what Andy will throw.

Andy is a Gentle (Giant) Spotted Saddle Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion. He gaits naturally and smoothly

TWHBEA stallion

BlackWidow's Blue Venom
Standing at Stud


Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Height: 15h
Color: Blue Roan
Stud Fee: $300 LFG
Sale Price: $6,500 To the best possible home. 
References a must.

Venom has eight World Grand Champions on his papers. His colts are super talented. We are talking confirmation and walking talent. Great bloodlines really do pay off.

Venom is sold to Hilke and Josef, in Northern Germany....yes the Walking-After-Midnight Farm IS international now!This is her 25th wedding anniversary present and how cool is this to have our most REGAL Blue Roan Stallion represent his breed in Germany.I am very honored and PROUD!!!!!I know she will care for him and treasure him so I am happy for her.

TWH black and white stallion TWH black and white stallion TWH black and white stallion

BlackWidow's PrettyBoy Floyd


Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse & Spotted Saddle Horse
Height: 15h
Color: Tobiano, Homozygous Black and White

Floyd has been sold to Jeannie and Jack in England! We went to visit October 2008 and I'll get the photos of Floyd and Blossom and Sassie and their incredible offspring on this page shortly.






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