What's With the Black Widow Name?


Charlie is a Medical Entomologist, and studied the Black Widow Spider as a part of his Ph.D. dissertation at Oklahoma State University. Even though he spent his military career studying mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, his interest in the Black Widow remained.

Charlie was reared on a farm in Oklahoma and his interest in farm animals resulted in his acquisition and showing Registered Black Angus cattle. He needed a "catchy name" and Bailey's Black Widow Angus came to mind. Five years ago we began acquiring Registered Tennessee Walking horses, (and reduced our Black Angus livestock down to two cows - "Big Mama" and "Madame Curie". They live with "Uncle Larry" at the BEAUTIFUL Stone Creek Farm). Which leads us to what do we do with all this farm stuff embellished with the Bailey's Black Widow logo??? You got it. We have now evolved to "Black Widow Farm".



Check out our new babies...


So Affectionate that Melissa says "you have to peel them off you when you go out into the pasture.


" The Bailey’s reputation for raising top quality trail riding horses and providing high-touch customer care draws clients from all over the country."



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