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Why Walking-After-Midnight Farm? Because you want to buy a trail horse you can trust and Melissa was the web master of an animal shelter (in Tennessee). She cares about the future of YOU with her horse(s).

AND WHY Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses?
Because they are the golden retriever of the horse world. Known for being gentle and willing to please.
We stand one of the worlds largest & gentlest Tennessee Walking Horse / Spotted Saddle Horse Stallions, The Right Hand Man

All our horses are experienced and trail savvy!

Our superior breeding stock has been exported as far away as England and Germany!

see our trail horses horses for sale ....

Tetamonial: Oct. 2008

I have to admit that I haven't riden horses much in the past since I was 19 when I took lessons with my dad in an arena with controlled conditions. The instructor kept on telling me to stop being so rigid and upright and flow with the horse as we went around and around.

Fast forward to last spring... A friend told me about the wonderful gaited trail horses at Bailey's Walking After Midnight Farm (recently changed the name from Bailey's BlackWidow Farm). I went out there (about 15 minutes north of Winchester, VA towards Berkeley Springs, WV) and I had the time of my life! Wow! I did not know that a horse (mine for the day was Romeo) could be so smooth, so responsive and so much fun. After a short 'refresher' lesson I was on the trails in no time. Gotta do it again! Looking to arrange a trail party with a few of my friends.

Lessons, trail rides, boarding and transportation... and of course sales! Last time I was there they had over 45 horses (Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses) to choose from to take home with you... what do you think? Do you want a perfect companion to take on the trails? Try it soon... tell them Karl sent you!

Blue Ridge Trapeutic Massage, in Winchester, Va. THE BEST MASSAGE EVER!)


Welcome to Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm (formerly Bailey's Black Widow Farm). Farm is located at the top of the state of Virginia, in the heart of Virginia’s horse county. We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy trail horses that are "Grandma Safe".

We have a superior selection of smooth, gentle, experienced Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, & Mo Fox Trotters. We have over 20 horses here (now) broke for trail riding. A few are colts that we bred and raised, most are trustworthy trail horses we bring out of Tennessee. None come from sale barns. They are family pets. My horses don't have a show ring background either so they are not nervous or wired up.

These trail savvy gaited horses are THE ideal trail pleasure ride. Ride a horse that gives you permission to ride! We specialize in natural moving and smooth gaited trail horses with LOTS of experience on trails. Our Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle horses double as horses used for our custom trail rides, birthday parties and riding lessons. Why not give them a job to do till they find their "forever home".

Besides the trot not thing, our horses are GORGEOUS - we specialize in quality gaited horses of unique color, with loving personalities. We have every color under the rainbow. You'll look great on the trail riding a well behaved Palomino, Buckskin, Blue Roan, or Tobiano (Spotted) beauty. We also carry Missouri Fox Trotters and Rocky Mountain horses for sale too.

If I don't have what you want, I can find it. We lived in Tennessee for 8 years and I find a sound sane smooth gaited horse better than most folks can.

Comment from another recent customer, Jan in Minnesota:

"An "update" on Lucky. He is doing very well. He really turns heads
whenever I ride him, his movement is so strong, yet elegant. We are in
a class at our barn for gaited horses, obviously he is the star of the class.
So far we have not found anything he cannot do. Have a great holiday
season - Lucky is my favorite present! Jan"










Everyone needs a horse they can trust.

I insist that my horses go to a home for life, so I give each sale a 2 week trial to make sure you bought what you thought you bought. This means you won’t get stuck with a bad decision. 

Testamonial (Nov. 11, 2008)

Just thought I'd drop you a note. Patch and I are bareback riding alot. We just finished our 3rd parade, it was on Sunday for Veterans Day. He's 12 now.... I have owned him just a tad over 6 years! Thank you for selling me this wonderful boy, he's brave, handsome and honest. oh yeah.. and a real lover. Claudia

Customer service sets us apart from other horse sale operations. You'll take actual trail rides and lessons on the horses you are considering - with input from Sharon Raynor, (our Equitation/Riding Instructor), and from Don Twigg, our Horse Behavior & Horse Training/Trail Boss, to see what horse is best suited to your riding experience.

Ryan, Trish, Brittany and Tiffany Pugh will make sure you enjoy your stay with us. If you want to know anything about this farm ask Tiffany, (age 11).

Gaited Horses are THE BEST trail horses.


WAM is a great place to come for trail riding and to experience gaited horses for the first time. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

Our Tennessee Walking Horse colts are so affectionate that...


So affectionate that Melissa says "you have to use a spatula to peel them off" when walking thru our pasture.

We are in the Process of changing our name


Black Widow Farm is about to become Walking-After-Midnight Farm.


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